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Thank you to everyone who submitted work for the Wet Plate Competition! Congratulations to Zelko Nedic. Please look forward to the portfolio feature, interview and back cover of the upcoming publication, Golden Scars, 32. Wet Plate Collodion.

Many thanks to the Juror Jacqueline Roberts!

” I thoroughly enjoyed going through all the entries submitted and seeing how wet plate can present such a rich variety of images and display endless creative expressions. I look at gazes, landscapes, mementos, still lifes, bodies and faces.

Great plates all around, some compelling and daring, some profound, others playful, genuine or emotional. Whether they come from the heart, the gut or the soul. Whether they elicit anguish, peace or awe. Whether they reveal our intimacy or revel in the ordinary. Whether they evoke the Old Masters or break new ground. I found it so stimulating to see how modern day wetplaters are rediscovering a process known to few, and forgotten by many, reinterpreting and expanding the vision of the very first alchemists who handed us this process on a plate.

Needless to say, choosing one plate amongst all the works submitted was a very difficult task.” – JR.

Zelko_Nedic_Golden Scars32_wet plate collodion_web
Zelko Nedic. Golden Scars #1. Wet Plate Collodion.

Runner’s up:

web Alberto_Ros_counselors_tintype

Alberto Ros “Counselors” Tintype

Mark Sink.  “Untitled” Wet Plate.

Stay tuned for their feature in upcoming THEME:PORTRAIT publication, and consider submitting work for the next publication by January 30th, 2017.  All genres and traditional processes are welcome.

Details HERE

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