Editor’s Letter

Welcome to a world of tradition, inspiration and community in photography. Each theme is rooted in collaboration and translated by imagery, International artist communities have synchronized their unique perceptions and present their personal and artistic identities.

Within our studio visits, artist interviews, portfolios, and theme submissions, there is a grand link between contemporary photography and its construction by historic and alternative methods of creating. Each image speaks to time dedicated to process pressed within a timeless concept of beauty. The incredible contributors, their thoughts and visions, honor us and we encourage your personal observations and feedback.

This is a home for traditional photography. We seek supporters, enthusiasts and visionaries. Allow SEITIES to be a cornerstone for your expression and growth. My personal goal is to encourage, support and empower a community of international artists through SEITIES STUDIO, which offers publication, exhibition and educational opportunities to its supporters.

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Thank you for your support.

Sanja Lukac
Executive Director

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